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Date Description Schedule Times/Results
24 Feb 2018 Polework Clinic
18 Mar 2018 Winter Dressage Schedule
31 Mar 2018 Craigie Confidence Clinic Schedule
01 Apr 2018 Craigie Confidence Clinic Schedule
04 Apr 2018 Opening Night - Quiz Night
11 Apr 2018 Instruction
18 Apr 2018 Instruction
02 May 2018 Instruction
06 May 2018 Open Spring Showjumping Show Schedule Results
16 May 2018 Instruction
23 May 2018 Dressage League 1 Schedule Results
25 May 2018 Debby Lush Talk
27 May 2018 Open Dressage Show Schedule Results
30 May 2018 Style Jumping, Obedience Test and Tack & Turnout :):)
03 Jun 2018 Open Arena Event Schedule Results
06 Jun 2018 NN/Ferrier/NB/Balfour :):):):) Results
10 Jun 2018 Polework Clinic
13 Jun 2018 Instruction
16 Jun 2018 Mid Summer Ride
20 Jun 2018 Dressage League 2 Schedule Results
27 Jun 2018 Instruction
30 Jun 2018 Polework Clinic
04 Jul 2018 Natural Fences and Top Score :):) Results
11 Jul 2018 Dressage League 3 Schedule Results
15 Jul 2018 Open Dressage Show inc Team Quest Schedule
18 Jul 2018 Jumping Schooler Night (Open to non-members) Schedule
22 Jul 2018 Jump for Fun Showjumping Show (Open to non-members) Schedule
25 Jul 2018 Instruction
28 Jul 2018 Polework Clinic Times
01 Aug 2018 Dressage League 4 Schedule Results
05 Aug 2018 Open Mini One Day Event & Open Mini XC Schedule Results
08 Aug 2018 Mini X/C :)
15 Aug 2018 Arena Event Results
19 Aug 2018 **Letham Gymkhana Schedule
22 Aug 2018 Jumping Schooler Night Schedule
29 Aug 2018 Closing Night
01 Sep 2018 Fundraising Dressage Show Schedule Results
08 Sep 2018 Fife Invitational Team Show Jumping Show
09 Sep 2018 Polework Clinic Times
23 Sep 2018 Craigie One Day Event & Hunter Trials Schedule Results
29 Sep 2018 Scottish Riding Club Championship 2018 Schedule
13 Oct 2018 Polework Clinic Times
18 Oct 2018 AGM Results

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:):) denotes Members Points


We offer a wide range of instruction over the course of the season on a Wednesday night. There are usually 2-3 lessons running at any one time and start at 7pm and 8pm (daylight dependant). Lessons must be pre booked with the Training Officer, Jenny Cushnie on 07967 094218.


With the exception of the Dressage Leagues and the Dressage/Riding Test Competition, which should be pre-entered, all other Wednesday night competitions are entry on the field.

Wednesday night competitions are run in sections i.e. Nursery Novice, Novice, Intermediate and Open. You should choose which section you want to compete in at the start of the season then try to remain in this section throughout the course of the season as you will be awarded points for attendance and placing, which will be accumulated towards the trophies that are presented each year at the AGM.

To check which section you and your horse are eligible for, see info on Members Points below.

Jumping competitions normally start at 7pm with Nursery Novice (0.65m) followed by Novice (0.75m), Intermediate (0.85m) and Open (0.95m). All competitors are advised to arrive at the field as early as possible to allow time to walk the course and warm up. As these competitions are entry on the field there is no guarantee how long each section will run for.

All dressage competitions are pre-entered, to allow times to be allocated in advance. Competitors are expected to compete in their show jackets etc... on a Wednesday night with the exception of the Obedience Test & Mini Cross Country.

Should you wish any further details on any of the above Wednesday night competitions please contact any of the committee.


Fife Riding Club welcome non-members to participate in all our open competitions.

Showjumping shows are entry on the field & all other open competitions must be pre-entered. Schedules will be available for all our open competitions and should you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact the show secretary.


For members points definitions & eligibility, please click
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Please note we have a problem with our online entries at present. If you are desperate to put an entry in, please contact the Club Secretary, Liz Glasgow until further notice. We have flagged up the problem to Club Entries who run the platform and hope to have things back to normal ASAP.
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We are trialling a new online entries system. For those interested the


A further reminder to all members wishing to use the club field for private tuition outwith normal meeting times.

Firstly, the field & facilities are for the exclusive use of PAID-UP MEMBERS ONLY (i.e. Full Riding, Associate or Honorary Members). NON-MEMBERS or other family members are NOT permitted to ride except during open shows. Instructors are not permitted to ride unless they are also members.

Secondly, following advice from BRC insurers,with effect from 1st March 2015, anyone providing private tuition at the club field outwith normal meeting times will be required to forward documentary evidence of valid instructors insurance cover to the Club Secretary in advance. The Secretary will retain details of trainers insurance on file. If the trainer does not have suitable insurance, then they will not be permitted to teach on club premises. Members booking their own trainers are responsible for ensuring their instructor complies with this requirement. Failure to so will be a breach of Club Bye-Laws.


A reminders that the club field can only be used by members & must be booked IN ADVANCE, giving full details of date/time and name of instructor through Shona Brearley on 07469 254 924. Further details on using the clubs facilities, the club Constitution & Bye Laws are available on the membership page


For those of you who don't already know FRC now has its own Facebook Group. Check it out for all the latest news, gossip and updates. Please note only members can join & comment on the FRC Group.
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