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The first of our summer instruction evenings will be held next WEDNESDAY 16th APRIL at the Club Field. Places need to be pre-booked as the number of instructors depends on demand.All abilities catered for.
IF YOU WANT TO TAKE PART you need to contact LIZ GLASGOW on 01592 754809 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
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We are making good progress getting the track at Craigie ready for the Hunter Trials on 27 April but we still have some work to do. Our next work day will be next Sunday (13 April). We will need help to rake tracks, finish painting fences, running repairs to fences etc. The more help we can get, the quicker the job will be done. It's always a great day out and your dog will love it too! If you can spare an hour or two why not meet at the water jump at around 11.30. Wear old clothes and if you have a rake then please bring it as the club ones were pinched.A strimmer might also be useful as the grass is already sprouting...
As for the day of competition itself, we are always in need of jump judges - if you can help, please let LISA know by phoning or texting on 07791 120227.
If you cant help why not sponsor a fence? It only costs from £25 - contact Linda on 07740 027427 for more information.
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Our Spring Hunter Trials will soon be upon us.

As ever, we need help on the day - especially jump judges. We need people to do half or whole days. If you can help, please get in touch with LISA ALLAN on 07791 120227 as soon as possible.

We cannot run this major competition without our fantastic volunteers - do please help if you can.
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The dates for the 2014 Area Qualifiers have been announced as follows:-

Horse Trials - 22 June 2014 at Knock, Huntly
Dressage, Riding Test, Showjumping and Equitation Jumping - 5&6 July 2014 at Brechin
DTM - end of July, Cabin, Aberdeen (date to be confirmed).

Anyone interested in representing FRC at these competitions should let committee know. If your interest is jumping or Horse Trials, contact Callum, if you prefer dressage let Shona know.
Callum and Shona can also let you know what is involved and what is expected of competitors.
If you need more information about whether or not you are eligible, either contact the Secretary Liz Glasgow, or ask any committee member (they should have a Rule Book) or else you can see all the rules online at the BHS/BRC website. All horses taking part must have a valid flu vaccination certificate - however, its not sufficient just to have an in-date certificate, it must comply with BRC rules in respect of boosters etc so you need to be certain you have the correct paperwork or you won't be allowed to compete. The good news is there is still plenty time to get things sorted out if necessary. If there is sufficient interest, we may arrange an evening meeting where members can get more information.
We think there will be a lot of interest particularly in going to Brechin as its only an hour or so travel time but either way Area Qualifiers are a great excuse for a weekend away!
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Can all members or visitors using the Club Field please refrain from parking on the access drive. This road needs to be kept clear at all times to allow the farmer and Scottish Gas to get into their land/gas plant at the end of the drive. Do not park around the corner either as this is private property and in any case the road is unstable (a large hole has appeared as a result of a collapsed drain).
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The results for the above competition can now be found on the Events page.
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Can all members please note that following Susan's retiral from committee, with effect from 2 DECEMBER 2013, bookings for the field will be taken by JOANNE McINTYRE . Her contact number is 07900 192779.
A reminder, too, that the field may only be used by FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS. If you have not paid your subscription already, please forward the appropriate amount to Secretary, Liz Glasgow at 296 Muirfield Drive Glenrothes as soon as possible;under the terms of the constitution, your payment should be made no later than 30th November 2013 (with exception of anyone who joined after 1st August). If you want further information, contact Liz direct on 01592 754809.
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Annual Subscription

Quick reminder to all that your membership fees are now due for renewal.

For those of you that missed the AGM, it was agreed to increase the membership fees by £5.00 across the board;

Riding Member £40.00, Associated £30.00 and Non-Riding £15.00.
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In spite of extensive advertising, there has been very little interest in winter training at Balcormo. Consequently, it has been decided that NO winter training will take place until further notice.
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Another great night’s competition as the Club’s summer season draws to an end!

Top Score is all about clocking up as many points as possible on the night. It’s a one round competition. Fences are scattered around the arena in no particular order, each having a points value ranging from 10 to 120 points. All fences can be jumped from either direction. Riders accumulate points by jumping clear; however, no points are added if the fence is knocked down. There is also a “Joker” fence, usually the biggest on the course. It’s worth 200 points if it is jumped cleanly but – here’s the rub – knock it down and 200 points are deducted. Riders get 60 seconds to find their own line round the track and the winner is simply the person with the highest points total at the end of the night.

Course builder Gillian Kettles gave riders plenty options on the night; indeed the jumps were placed in such a way that the open horses had to work a wee bit harder than the novices to clock up their points, thereby ensuring everyone had a fair crack at the trophy.

History shows that it is the riders who can clear the Joker twice who are likeliest to win and this class was no exception. A few riders were brave enough to tackle the big white gate – and, sadly, a few found themselves on a minus score as a result – still, that’s the fun of Top Score.

Only six riders clocked up over 1000 points but the results were evenly spread across the sections with Fiona Deans and Colonial Rule on 1310 pts and Lorna Hume with the veteran Floyd just behind on 1300. No one however could beat the Top Score specialist, Lucy Moffat who collected a whopping 1480 on Gem, thereby ensuring the Gregor Trophy headed back to the Moffat household for the third year in a row.

For full results see Events page.
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A great day’s jumping was enjoyed by riders and spectators alike at this inaugural Derby Showjumping Show organised by Fife Riding Club and held at the club showground in Glenrothes on Sunday 11th August.

The programme was designed to make maximum use of the main Springturf arena – a mix of grass, sand and rubber which ensured great going throughout the day. The other big feature of this arena is its bank, not quite as big as the Derby Bank at Hickstead, perhaps, but big enough to give riders food for thought.

This Derby Show gave competitors the chance to tackle a mix of rustic and coloured obstacles over a long flowing course in “Derby” type conditions and the new format was well received by all participants.

Local riders were in the ribbons. In the Nursery Novice class, Kinghorn-based rider Joy Clarke did a storming jump off time with Penhalogen Stardust but no one could beat the time set by Fiona Deans from Lochgelly with ex-racehorse Harry who won by nearly two seconds. The Small Open and Open classes were hotly contested with honours even between Sam Smith (Nipper) and Louise Coombe (Chennok).

The organisers are most grateful to the support shown by many local sponsors and volunteer helpers who ensured another successful show.
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The annual Fife Riding Club Open Dressage Show ran on Sunday 23rd June 2013 with a mixture of sunny spells and torrential showers. Judges Judy Taylor, Heather Carstairs and Liz Love were kept busy with a large turnout of members and non-members keen to win the many trophies on offer.
Class ! (Intro A) was for horse /rider combinations new to dressage and winning the Wand Shield for this class was new FRC member Samantha Hopkins riding Torrie.

Class 2 (Intro B) winner Natalie Young riding the 6 year old Springtime Tiger posted the highest score of the day with 82.17 % with non member Bernard Heidemann and Harley Davidson scoring a very respectable 73.91 % to take second place (though Bernard did take a membership form home so we may see him back to contest more classes soon).

Class 3 (prelim 13) was the class for veteran horses (over 15 years old) and was a qualifier for the Veteran Horse Society Dressage Championships in Derbyshire in September 2013. All three horse / rider combinations scored the required percentage to qualify but the class was won by Diane Biddle riding Baccus with a score of 67.08%.

Class 4 (prelim 13) saw Springtime Tiger and Harley Davidson go head to head again for the red rosette and this time Bernard Heidemann and Harley Davidson took the honours with Springtime Tiger in second. Louisa Bizzarri won the Nicol Cup as the highest placed pony club member in this class with a score of 57.5%.

Class 5 (prelim 18) saw FRC regular Joy Clark and Penhalogen Stardust score 67.08% to take first place with Mandy Moore and Tallulah Belle in second. Liam McGurnaghan riding the 4 year old Arctic Roll were third in this class in their first ever dressage competition with a very respectable 60.83%.

Class 6 (prelim 19) was a long arena test which gave several FRC members their first opportunity to ride in a 20x 60 m arena, with movements at the extra markers. Liam and Arctic Roll seemed to prefer the long arena and improved their score by two places to win with 61.36%. Non-member Lindsay Graham with her Highland Teddy were only 1 mark behind Liam, taking the second placed rosette with Joy Clark and Penhalogen Stardust taking third.

The prelim classes at the show all count towards the Barnhill blaze Memorial Trophy (best placings in 2 prelim classes to count). Barnhill Blaze was FRC member Elaine McDonald’s horse, who was tragically killed in a field accident several years ago, and was a regular competitor at FRC dressage events. This trophy was won this year by Joy Clark and Penhalogen Stardust and presented on behalf of Elaine by Linda Gove, FRC Chairperson.

Class 8 (Novice 30) saw 7 entrants and was won by Natalie Young with her own Esso with a score of 68.85 % with Liz Veitch and her Friesian Ricki May taking second.

The Elizabeth McKenzie Cup is awarded to the winner of class 9 (Novice 39) and this year went to Jenny Cushnie and Diablo Sie with second place going to Gillian Kettles and Ballymark. Both Jenny and Gillian are regular competitors at FRC dressage leagues.

Class 10 (elementary 45) gave us the closest result of the day with only 1 mark separating the two competitors. Natalie Young and Esso came out on top with 61.37% whilst Rebecca Hughes and Tinker scored 61.03%.

The final class of the day was the pairs freestyle and the only pair in the class (Natalie Young and Michelle French Fraser) scored a whopping 71.4%.
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Just to let you know that we are continuing to have problems from local yobs trying to break into our steel containers. At last nights meeting we found more damage - they had been trying to get onto the roofs and put poles on top of the cabin etc; they also removed the padlock from the gate at the water crossing. Tonight, when I went up to field to meet yet another policeman, we found that they have now turned their attention to the newly arrived office container. The damage is minimal but it is really annoying. The police have said they will increase visits at night time to see if they can catch them in action but this is obviously a long shot. Meantime, can all members keep a close eye on the field - and if you spot anything untoward, please contact Glenrothes Police on 101 or call in at Napier Road Police Station.
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Over 180 riders turned up for the Spring Hunter Trials held at Craigie Farm , by Leuchars, courtesy Club President John Foster. This is the 35th year of running competitions at Craigie and yet again we had cause to feel very lucky to have been supported by the Foster family over the years as we enjoyed perfect going and blue skies, whilst others who had opted to go the Gleneagles instead were appparently ankle deep in mud in the pouring rain - shame!
As ever the classes were hotly contested but FRC members were in the ribbons throughout the day.
Many thanks to all our hard working volunteers who turned up in good numbers not only to get the track ready, but also on the Friday before to flag & rope the course, on the Saturday to attend to the final touches and put up tents but also on the day itself - we simply cannot run this competition without the goodwill of our helpers, so thank you one and all. Judging by the positive feedback from riders throughout the day, we must be doing something right. Well done everyone who helped in any way.
The results of the competition will be on the "Events" page shortly.
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We try not to cancel if at all possible but the weather this summer has been exceptionally bad and occasionally we have to accept defeat!

As far as Wednesday Night meetings are concerned, the latest time we can cancel is around 5pm.

If the decision to cancel has been made, a note to this effect will be placed on the FRC website and also on our Facebook page. If you do not have access to the website or Facebook then you should text Linda on 07740 027427 (after 5pm) to avoid a wasted trip.

As far as weekend shows are concerned, if there is any doubt about the weather or ground conditions, a site inspection will be made at about 8am. If cancelled, again a note will go on the website or Facebook page or else the show organiser should be contacted by text or phone after 8.30am for an update.
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A reminders that the club field can only be used by members & must be booked in advance through Joanne McIntyre on 07900 192779. Further details on using the clubs facilities, the club Constitution & Bye Laws are available on the membership page


We now have a facility that allows us to be more efficient at organising events. Members can volunteer to help at specific competitions & preparation for events via the following link


For those of you who don't already know FRC now has its own Facebook Group. Check it out for all the latest news, gossip and updates. Please note only members can join & comment on the FRC Group.
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